As businesses digitize and accept modern technology, the demand for software development heightens. Whether we like it or not technology and solutions help bring the most out of our business. Custom enterprise software development brings a lot of advantages to the table including:

  • Flexibility and scalability 
  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Trackable metrics 
  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Process streamlining and more

Here at Tkxel, We bring high-end software innovations to companies all over the world. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, our company has worked with countless startups, self-funded companies, and Fortune 500 companies since our inception. We have decades of experience and design and development, ensuring our clients the best bleeding-edge technologies to help their businesses.

To give you further insights on our development process, we are here to share our recent review on Clutch.

If you are not aware of Clutch, it's a B2B review and market resources platform that holds a massive collection of client reviews, data-driven articles, and agency shortlists. Clutch encompasses the design, development, marketing, and business services sectors, helping corporate buyers learn more about the right B2B providers.

Our Newest Review

Sylvain Bruni, the principal engineer of Aptima, Inc., an engineering firm from Boston, Massachusetts gives us an online review. The review features a 5-star rating on a UX refresher and an enterprise software development project aimed to rebuild a healthcare application. Aptima, Inc. wanted to bring new life to their product with a new tech stack. 

enterprise software development


Our team conducted a two-week discovery workshop with the client, and we ultimately re-implemented their front- and back-end using Angular and NetCore.

According to our client's review, all the milestones they expected were met by our team and they are satisfied with the outcome. When asked about what was the most unique or impressive aspect of our company or engagement, the client wrote:

“With a team split between the US and Pakistan, we were concerned about the time difference. But that never was an issue. Meetings were scheduled at mutually convenient times. Also, they were able to quickly 'get' what it is that we are doing, thereby accelerating the timeline and delivery.” — Principal Engineer, Aptima, Inc.

The Tkxel team sends their love to Aptima, Inc. for their appreciation and this phenomenal review. In every project that we work on, we make sure that we are ready, communicative, and flexible in order to deliver the best for our clients.

Aptima, Inc. is just one of our many satisfied clients! You can check out more of our client reviews and projects on Clutch.

The Hottest on The Manifest

Aside from our client reviews, another way that we can showcase our work is to other industry platforms such as The Manifest. 

The manifest is a B2B news website that provides industry insights and wisdom to users around the world. Tkxel is listed on The Manifest’s ranking of the top 100 mobile app developers from Pakistan this 2021.

enterprise software development

Considering The Manifest’s reputation and credibility in the B2B space, this recognition means a lot to us. Industry professionals acknowledge our services and solutions and we are grateful for that.

Want to learn more about what we can do for your business? Get in touch with us at Tkxel and let’s discuss. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you.

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