During such times of uncertainty, businesses around the globe are striving to make sense of a “new normal.” Here at Tkxel, we’ve taken action in implementing new policies to support our employees and the local community.

Changing Policies

Each and every employee at Tkxel is now working from their home. We’ve provided them with all the necessary facilities — for example, the internet and technological devices — needed to continue the work in the same manner as before. Several companies have laid off their employees due to the recent market downturn, but Tkxel has neither laid off a single employee nor cut down the salaries or benefits of any employee. We’re a company that believes in creating opportunities and growing the team.

Supporting Employees

Recently, we’ve lost some of our significant longstanding projects, but we’re still encouraging our employees to work hard. Our CEO, Umair Javed, holds online Town Hall meetings to update and motivate everyone and shares tips on staying positive and productive during this time. This has turned out to be a great initiative, and we’ve already closed some new deals. Because of many incoming projects, we’re also hiring new employees in specific technologies and creating jobs when it’s proving difficult for companies to even retain their current employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At this time, we’re also very aware of how we can help, support, and uplift other businesses and the community in general. We’re undertaking CSR activities in collaboration with other businesses to donate a significant amount of money to those in our community who alone cannot support their families during these difficult times. Tkxel has also opened some remote job positions in an effort to create job opportunities for skilled people in the market. What we see is that people are benefiting from these initiatives and actively applying for these positions.

Supporting Other Businesses

Another way we’ve supported other businesses is by leaving online reviews so that they can grow their online presence. It’s no surprise that these reviews play a crucial role in a business’s success. Leaving online reviews is free, social-proof, and easy to do right now. However, it’s important to go to trusted, verified sources like Clutch. Clutch is the leading B2B ratings and reviews site. They along with their sister site, The Manifest, collect client interviews for reputable companies around the globe.

Tkxel and Clutch – a growing relationship

Since registering on Clutch, we’ve received 17 reviews and a shining 4.9-star rating! In our most recent review, a client wrote, “They were on time, clear, and transparent. I could trust them because they always came back with a nice solution that filled our needs.”

Thank you to all of our clients who have taken the time to leave reviews. This feedback helps us recognize employee contributions and find ways to improve and to continue delivering the best quality solutions.

If you’d like to discuss your next project or need some help with ideation, feel free to drop a line!

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