When there is a lot of competition in the industry how does one firm set itself apart?
The answer might be simple ‘quality’ and ‘price’ but the process of setting a benchmark isn’t that effortless.


Software or app development industry follows the same principle, for being the best firm around, quality product for the best price is what you need to work for, but in order to get there you must follow quality check processes and other documentation measures to ensures what you develop for your clients is high optimal quality product.

What is CMMI?

There are several certifications and appraisal programs that aim to assign a certain level of credibility to a software firm. One such appraisal measure is the Capability Maturity Model Integration or CMMI.

CMMI model defines the improvement in process level training and appraisal program that reflects the level of maturity an organization’s processes have reached. These processes using the CMMI can be defined as having 5 maturity levels (Initial, Managed, Well-Defined, Managed Quantitatively & Optimizing).

Tkxel’s appraisal as a CMMI level 3 Organization

TkXel is a CMMI level 3 organization and what makes this a valuable accreditation is the fact that journey so far has required tireless and collaborative work from all members of the organization as a team, that too for over a decade. The CMMI level 3 Maturity level is ‘Defined’ maturity level and covers an organization’s following processes such as Configuration Management, Integrated Project Management, Organizational Training, Process and Product Quality Assurance, & Risk Management.

TkXel was checked for all the above mentioned processes and therefore was given appraisal as a CMMI level 3 organization.

CMMI Lead Appraiser Jose Thomas visited TkXel’s headquarters during the appraisal process. Here’s what he had to say about Tkxel as a software development & consultancy firm:

What third parties have to say about Tkxel

This CMMI level 3 status also helps Tkxel in building up trustworthy image among its clients and partners such as ‘Accelerance’, a software development outsourcing company whose VP Strategy Hugh Morgan paid tribute to TkXel’s working facilities and its development team’s capabilities by commenting,

“Tkxel could be the perfect solution for midsized companies looking for dedicated teams of talented software engineers.”

Our Future Aspirations…

Most US based organizations demand that they outsource software development only to companies with a certain CMMI level appraisal and for a custom software development company like Tkxel, which has its development centers across 5 continents it is of our utmost priority to comply with the best business practices in the world’s leading markets. We pride ourselves as a CMMI (level 3) company, but what we aim for in near is to reach the optimal level in our operations and become a CMMI (level 5) company. The path to reach there might be long, but Tkxel has made it so far in less than a decade, hence if there is an organization that has realistic ambitions of getting there then Tkxel it is.

Tkxel can be your ally in fulfilling your custom software development goals. Drop a line today!

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