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Episode Summary

Stephanie Wong is a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud. As creator of the Google Cloud YouTube series Networking End-to-End, Season of Scale, Eyes on Enterprise, and the host of Google's Next onAir broadcast, she joins us to share 6 tips for content creation. Stephanie talks about how one can blend storytelling and technology to create valuable content.

Show Notes:

  1. When you post great work without the what, why and how and without your audience in mind, you are making it all about you - which is not good!
  2. Social media users are tired of perfectly polished content and a lack of connection online so people today are craving more and more to build that lost connection and see the real you.
  3. Being opinionated and offering value is the most important after finding your niche. Opinions carry weight and create the level of trust between those offering it and those seeking it.
  4. Offering valuable perspectives helps content creators to earn social capital. This is a great way to serve your audience and increase your reach.

(This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.)


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