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Episode Summary

Are we on the set of ‘Back to the future'?. Are flying cars a reality? To find out what’s going on in the world of autonomous vehicles, we chat with Brian Kelley, CTO, Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission. Brian has years of experience in the automobile industry and explores the recent trends as well as the subsequent security concerns.

Show Notes:

  1. There’s a heavy focus on connected vehicles for 2021 and beyond, being able to connect vehicles with smartphones, the internet that is fueling vehicle upgrades.
  2. The struggle with self-driving vehicles lies with the insurance responsibility primarily. Does it lie with the company or the consumer?
  3. The future of autonomous vehicles is electric. New plants are being built up that will solely manufacture electric cars.
  4. There is an increased convergence with industrial 4.0 technologies and the automobile industry that improves mobility.

(This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.)


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