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Episode Summary

To understand how AR/VR are impacting our daily lives, we chat with Suzan Oslin, Experience Architect for XR, about how these two technologies intersect and what opportunities they bring up. Suzan’s background in 3D and visual effects make her in a unique space to understand how the two shape user design and how AR/VR revolutionize spatial computing as we understand it today.

Show Notes:

  1. Mixed reality brings the best of both worlds by creating a geometry of objects in space that allows virtual objects to interact in the real world.
  2. What’s important for designers and engineers to remember is that in the immersive experience, low quality graphics can even trick the brain into thinking its real so safety needs to be ensured at all times.
  3. If something that’s being looked at in the immersive world, we have to provide a visual or auditory clue that that’s interactable so good design principles are key to ensure intractability.
  4. Not overwhelming the user in AR/VR is key as the real challenge is to design interfaces that are as natural to interact with as they are in the real world.

(This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.)


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