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Episode Summary

General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer at Sezzle, Candice Ciresi, talks about what diversity and inclusion actually means for a business in 2020 and how you as a manager can transform your cultural ecosystem to be more conducive to a diverse workforce. Candice further mentions how diversity has to start at the top with the leadership and then explores its trickle down implications.

Key Takeaways

  1. Diversity and inclusion goes beyond just giving the underrepresented a voice. It’s about creating a small ecosystem of your larger market at your workforce in order to capture the right audience.
  2. The businesses that have more and above average diversity across their management, have higher revenues and a better cash flow management system (*as proven by statistics).
  3. There’s always conflict with a diverse workforce but it’s the leadership’s responsibility to embrace that conflict and see it as an opportunity to solve a bigger systemic problem(s) if there are any.
  4. While there is a diversity in terms of age across workforces everywhere but the old-fashioned walls of resistance are eroding and we see more and more people irrespective of age, embracing new ideas and technologies.
  5. Remote workforces are also encouraging diversity and inclusion via online events.

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