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Episode Summary

In this episode, B2B Influencer Marketing Expert, David Wing, talks about how C-suite executives can leverage influencer marketing via social platforms to promote their businesses especially on LinkedIn, and why they need to have influencer marketing as part of their overall strategy.

Key Takeaways

  1. Influencer marketing for B2B and B2C businesses is a new way to promote their brand with authenticity and honesty.
  2. For the C-suite, platforms like LinkedIn serve a dual purpose: they help build the brand and it is also a way to optimize their own socials (who you are, what you do and what did you achieve, etc).
  3. Within the B2B sector, you can get the best results by putting yourself out there with relevant content so that people see what you are doing - it’s all about brand awareness.
  4. It is critical that your vision and strategy is in sync with your marketing structure.

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