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Episode Summary

In our chat with Dean Crutchfield, CIO CDK Global, we talk about how businesses can lead organizational change amid technology disruptions. Dean shares his thoughts on the current business climate, what it takes to get things running amid crises and the secret to leading with calm and certainty.

Show Notes:

  1. The role of a CIO is very closely tied to that of a CTO. CIOs look after the infrastructure, the internal IT system and the network that complements the software system and software delivery for the customers.
  2. There’s a continuum of digital transformation, new ways of managing things and all of that is orchestrated by the CIO.
  3. One of the things digital leaders do very well is that they are adaptable to change and are not paralyzed by it. This really feeds into how agile the organization is and how quickly assets and bandwidth capabilities can be mobilized.
  4. The innovator's dilemma is that you focus on the technical constraints when wanting to level up but often it's the peoples constraints that prove to be the main challenge when it comes to driving transformational change or scaling up.

(Hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel)


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