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Episode Summary:

This episode features Ashwin Ram, Cybersecurity Evangelist, Office of the CTO at Check Point Software Technologies, to talk about new mobile attack areas for 2021 and beyond. Ashwin analyzes the developments in the cybersecurity realm in 2020, what new attack areas come to light and how can an individual and a company improve their cybersecurity resilience.

Show Notes:

  1. Organizations face a lack of understanding even in 2021 on how to combat these attacks.
  2. Malicious applications are the number one mobile attack areas that are used by cybersecurity criminals to spy and intercept and/or send messages.
  3. Infection chain is how the attack is actually carried out. Different types of attack vectors, malicious applications or phishing attacks, will have different infection chains.
  4. Cybercrime has been commoditized for a long time. Cybercriminals earn money by selling the various attack tools and so businesses need to have an effective security architecture in place.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.


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