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Episode Summary

This episode talks about one of the most important aspects of a product’s life cycle, the product manager itself. Without the product manager’s strategic vision, execution roadmap, and user understanding, you cannot expect the product life cycle to possess the same level of detail, user science, and empathy and so you can never be sure of the success of your product. Indeed, the single most important reason why offshore software development projects fail is due to the lack of a product manager at the client site. But if these challenges are handled professionally then outsourcing a project manager is extremely beneficial for the company in the long-term.

Key Takeaways

Common Challenges faced during outsourcing are:

  1. Communication Project Managers do not have time to sit down with the engineering team, elaborate on the requirements and prioritize tasks for them. This lack of communication is what makes an offshore custom project such a big risk in the eyes of many people.
  2. Decision-Making Call-In every software development project, there are always items that remain unspecified. Somebody needs to make judgment calls every now and then. Such judgment calls, if left to the development team to take, who lack adequate product knowledge can compromise the product quality.
  3. If these challenges are handled carefully and professionally then outsourcing a project manager is a win-win situation otherwise the company can incur long-term losses.

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