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Episode Summary:

UX design is influencing our lives in different aspects by focusing on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Being able to interact with technology in a human-like manner is becoming the future. Let’s hear from Joel Mena, Chief Experience Officer, JM Studios about how the UX industry is evolving from conventional design thinking.

Show Notes:

  1. The UX industry has evolved over the years and design of UX is no more just about interface, it involves understanding the context of designing, customers needs, organisational design and product requirements etc.
  2. AR/VR are the enablers of empathy helping organisations to better understand the audiences without changing the frameworks of designing. These technologies are the enhanced channels of communication.
  3. UX Designers need to understand the context of human psychology, customer needs or the business design in order to create that experience or to create the value.
  4. In order to cope with the changes in tech industry designers need to align their career paths, skillsets with the needs and concerns of the clients and businesses. UX is a vehicle to build a culture of organisation instead of just an afterthought.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.


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