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Episode Summary

In this episode of uncovering underlying business realities, Umair Javed, CEO Tkxel, chats with Natalie Scopelitis, Director of Digital Transformation Huawei, about the digital transformation landscape and the top challenges facing telcos. Natalie has years of experience with leading transformation programmes for British telecoms with digital disruption at its core and she tells just why such transformation is both inevitable as well as a challenge.

Show Notes:

  1. Digital transformation is radically changing the way you serve your customers and it enables your business to serve the market better.
  2. The CEO owns the digital transformation and that individual is responsible for creating a holistic platform to implement it. The CEO drives it but everyone in the company owns it.
  3. Telcos are both agents of digital transformation and are the ones to implement digital transformation. Telcos own the networks so in that sense they are agents of digital change.
  4. Digital transformation can aid in the adoption of AI/ML. That then opens up new avenues for interacting with customers and changes how we offer products and services to them.

(Hosted by Umair Javed, CEO Tkxel)


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