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Episode Summary

In this episode of the 'Startup Series' we chat with Vladimira Mesko Briestenska, Founder and Partner, Neem Exponential and Founder at The Future Farm about the venture capital-entrepreneur relationship. Vladimira's experience as both an entrepreneur and founder of a venture capitalist leaves her in a unique position to understand both sides. She explores how investors are change agents and how the local ecosystem needs to be to facilitate local entrepreneurship.

Show Notes:

  1. Entrepreneurship is a strong engine that can drive change. It gives people the opportunity to take life into their own hands with the right tools.
  2. The level of change you can drive in an emerging market is enormous. Emerging markets do not have the necessary infrastructure in place and so there is a lot of room to explore and address essential needs.
  3. Multiple stakeholders like the government, the public sector, and investors are involved in providing seed capital to budding entrepreneurs.
  4. The behavior of regulators in emerging markets plays an important role in making them a more nurturing place for digitally enabled businesses to invest in.

(This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, CEO Tkxel, and Haseeb Khan, Director Innovation & Technology Tkxel.)


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