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Episode Summary

The cloud network has taken businesses by storm. Jonathan Donaldson, Sr. Engineering Director, Office of the CTO at Google Cloud, joins us to talk about what’s the latest in the world of cloud. Jonathan explores how businesses can adopt cloud technology, how to ensure a smooth shift from physical data architecture to a cloud platform and how technology leaders can drive this shift.

Show Notes:

  1. Cloud computing provides access to resources that normally companies do not have access to.
  2. Multi-cloud is the biggest trend to watch out for. Enterprises are going to opt for multi-cloud for specialization and also to get the best price for their business.
  3. Cloud provides are introducing specialized processors and accelerators to highlight the thing they are really good at, to drive the right pricing for that, and this has led to the emergence of cross cloud control network.
  4. To make people understand cloud, you have to show them the value of the cloud which goes over and above its advantage of saving money.

(This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, Director Innovation and Technology, Tkxel.)


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